Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin


If you know about bitcoin or know nothing of it, then this is the guide you need to read to understand how crypto casinos are providing bitcoin users the best gaming entertainment online right now.

As technological evolution impacts many things within society, crypto is just another example and piece of progress and change that is really happening. We are at the precipice of a new age in digital currency. What many do not understand that crypto and the money sat in your bank are exactly the same. The only singular difference is that your ‘normal’ money, which is called fiat, can be withdrawn and physically handled.

Slowly and surely, this is a dying out process especially given that most people use contactless cards and use mobile apps to cover their payments rather than use physical cash.

Now, once you’ve understood this, there really is nothing to fear when it comes to the world of crypto. Banks are showing an interest, primarily in its design because soon money will have to evolve. It will have to become safer and faster in transactions.

There really isn’t much to discuss when it comes to the world of Bitcoin casinos because there is only one difference and it’s all in how you pay. The rest is still a casino that provides BTC games and bonuses. You can still play from your phone and experience all the regular features and services as any ‘normal’ casino online.

This guide will help you to understand each area of online casinos accepting bitcoin so that you are instantly ready to get started and be part of the future of gameplay, right now.

Bitcoin gambling sites

Bitcoin online casinos are basically any online gaming service that has the capacity to accept crypto as a payment method either as a deposit or in some cases both deposit and withdrawal. A BTC casino isn’t anything to be overwhelmed by. The complexities of what blockchain sites are and how crypto works don’t transcend into the casino world. It’s important to make this very clear from the offset because for most people, mention the word bitcoin and they either run a mile or assume it’s going to be too complex to understand and, therefore, do not try.

Bitcoin casinos started back in 2013, the first site was developed only 4 years after the creation of bitcoin in 2009, at that time the value of one bitcoin was at £9.50 or $13, compare that to the prices today which exceed £23k or $32k and it goes to show that investment at the time would have been lucrative.

The worth of bitcoin went on a trajectory that caught the attention of many more online businesses. Bitcoin, at this stage, was no longer alone. By now, crypto like Ripple, LiteCoin, and Ethereum were also being accepted by these new online casinos. More recently, Dogecoin, with thanks to Elon Musk is now a major player in the market of casinos and other online services.

At the point of 2017, online casinos accepting bitcoin became more numerous, people were taking this seriously and more importantly, so too were businesses that would accept the coin as a form of legitimate payment.

2021 and the market hit its all-time high, bitcoin boomed, or as those holding the coin term it as ‘going to the moon’. Now, we’re in serious territory with this.

The crypto market was a slow burner. All the things that needed to be done right came along smoothly and there is still more that can be done.

Best Bitcoin casinos

Now, there are a number of casinos online that fall into the crypto casino category, so which is the best BTC casino to join?

Well, the best is entirely relative, for example, some players will want a BTC casino bonus when joining and plenty more thereafter. And then there is the gaming. We all have our own tastes and different bankrolls that will determine to an extent of what Bitcoin casino games you play.

Below we present the best bitcoin casinos and their position within our top 10 list is based on all factors.

As you will read from our reviews, we notify players about absolutely everything. Banking, bonuses, games, software, security and more. All the facets of a casino are judge and scrutinised to see who really are the top 10 performers on the internet that allow players to bank with crypto payments.

List of the best online casinos accepting bitcoin

If you want to join the very best bitcoin casinos, then take your pick of operator from the following Bitcoin casinos.

Each BTC casino rewards all new members with special Welcome Bonuses. These are crypto credits that boost your bankroll when playing online. Plus, you may also find a number of free spins provided as well.

Here are the current top 10 online casinos accepting bitcoin:

  2. BitStarz
  3. Bovada
  4. NetBet
  5. 22Bet
  6. Yako Casino
  7. mBit
  8. 7Bit Casino
  10. Cloudbet

Casinos accepting BTC

So, should you decide to go solo and seek out your own BTC casino that’s not on this list of best bitcoin casinos, then there is something you need to be aware of.

Online, there is a collection of operators that class themselves as Bitcoin casinos but they do not provide the 100% service required to be called an official crypto casino.

When cryptos were becoming a popular thing back in 2017, what you found were regular fiat casinos starting to add Bitcoin to their banking list. All they would allow was for members to deposit bitcoins and that’s all, no BTC casino bonus and no official collection of Bitcoin casino games.

What these casinos would do is take your crypto, convert it into USD (US dollars), of which you would have to play with. When and if it came to winnings from the games, you could only withdraw in USD.

Now, the downside to this is that your bitcoin may increase in market value meaning that you may now have to buy further bitcoins with your winnings but at a higher value than what you originally paid before.

Now, given the markets, it’s not a guarantee the increase can happen it can certainly decrease, but ultimately, you want some form of fair payment.

This is why opting for a pure 100% operator from our list of Bitcoin online casinos will help you to experience real BTC games, with bonuses, and collect wins with BTC payouts.

Bitcoin Casinos

Now, when it comes to authentic blockchain sites, players can instantly tell in the quality, the difference between real Bitcoin online casinos and those just faking it.

With online casinos accepting bitcoin players will immediately spot the fact you can claim a welcome bonus reward from the crypto casino.

These Bitcoin casinos come with official Bitcoin casino games that are built with additional software called Provable Fair software which helps run checks on the system before and after a spin of the games. This works by producing a special code that should match pre-spin and post-spin to illuminate the idea of unfair gaming and that of corrupt action within the gameplay and algorithm.

With the best bitcoin casinos you will have access to these games along with specially designed games which are only available to the bitcoin user. Plus, Bitcoin casinos also allow you to play live table games with your BTC payments.

BTC bonuses

Now, when it comes to picking your new BTC casino note that every BTC casino bonus will come with a set of terms and conditions. All casinos and bonuses are different, so do not assume them all to be the same.

Each crypto casino will harbour plenty of promotions for their members to use, they are optional, though reading the terms are important to understand not only how they work but also what their hidden costs are.

Yes, just like any other casino online Bitcoin online casinos will claim things are 100% free, yet they very rarely are when you read the small print.

You will find promotions online from bitcoin casino free spins to the much sought after Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus. This last one is deemed to be the best bitcoin casino bonus of them all because they tend to be void of restrictive terms that add hidden deposit fees.

Now, some casinos will have loyalty or VIP programmes that are a long-term rewards service to gift members with credit or spins. Some are without a deposit requirement making them 100% free, some do request a deposit be made first. With loyalty rewards or VIP bonuses, they are entirely exclusive to the programme service.

The system/service works on a points basis. The more money you wager, the more points you accumulate. Your points will position you on a rewards level, this level will have its own range of rewards to pass on to the player. The higher the levels you progress, the greater the rewards.

How to use Bitcoin

So, if you are totally new to bitcoin and the crypto world, you may know absolutely nothing about how to use bitcoin, let alone get started. Don’t worry, getting the coin is simple and yet it’s the most tasking part.

It takes a little time, but there really is nothing to it in the grand scheme of things.

So, before you can use any of the official Bitcoin casinos, you will obviously need to buy and own come bitcoin to access the features of these Bitcoin casino sites.

Crypto is sold within special broker platforms and market sites. One example is, though pending on what county you are in, you have alternatives like Binance and

You can purchase a full bitcoin or several bitcoins and even fractions of a bitcoin known as mbtc. Payment can be done either via fiat currency or buy other cryptos. Once you have purchased your bitcoin, you will need to store the funds within a bitcoin wallet. This is what you sync to the Bitcoin online casinos you join within their listed payment methods.

How to deposit with Bitcoin

To process of depositing is all the same with blockchain sites. Log into the Bitcoin casinos you have joined, access the banking part and select Bitcoin from the payment methods listed. Add your bitcoin wallet by adding (copy and paste) your wallet address. Once your bitcoin wallet is synced, enter the amount of BTC you wish to deposit.

The transfer will happen in an instant and you can begin to experience and enjoy the Bitcoin casino games that are available.

Can you withdraw your online casino winnings in BTC?

Bitcoin casino sites that provide a full experience do allow winnings to be withdrawn with crypto. Bitcoin casinos that are not 100%, only allow you to withdraw using USD.

The steps of withdrawing are as simple as depositing. With your bitcoin wallet synced to the casino’s payment methods that you have chosen as preference, you enter the amount from your casino balance you wish to transfer. Confirm the value and completing the process by entering your casino password. The transfer from casino to your bitcoin wallet is instant. In some cases, approval can be delayed by a couple of hours. But it’s the fastest and securest of all payment methods available to casino players online.

Bitcoin conversion

When it comes to the Bitcoin online casinos that really aren’t official Bitcoin casino sites, the money conversion really does kind of suck. The process of depositing money is still all the same. These sites can accept BTC, they just do not pay out in kind. So, you still sync your bitcoin wallet and once you have entered the value, you will be indicated of the conversion rate and amount to be returned as USD. Enter your password to complete the transaction.

What this will further mean, is that you will need to set up an additional banking service from which to withdraw the USD out from.

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